Royal British Legion

Poppy Pecksalot

A veteran of many campaigns. Eggcells when thrust into the thick of the action and expects to win a medal.

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Poppy Pecksalot's Story

Modest Poppy Pecksalot had a distinguished military service and if it wasn’t for being injured on duty, they’d still be serving their country. Not one to sit idle, even when laid up recovering, they dusted off their CV and applied to work for the Legion’s Battle Back Centre, helping to get other troops back on their feet.

As a personal trainer in the Armed Forces Poppy Pecksalot eggcelled at encouraging and rehabilitating those around them, and even started a track team of fund-racing veterans. Sadly, their star sprinter who they were training for the Turkey Dash pulled a drumstick a week ago, so Poppy Pecksalot stepped into their running shoes, ready to raise money to help hundreds more service men and women, veterans and their families. Don’t mention it, but Poppy Pecksalot is secretly desperate to add another medal to the collection.

About Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion supports service men and women, veterans and their families. Our support starts after seven days of service and continues long after life in the Armed Forces.

We help veterans young and old transition into civilian life, helping with employment, financial guidance, respite and recovery, through to lifelong care and independent living. From sports based rehabilitation courses, to tailored personal support for our most vulnerable veterans – we’re by their side, every step of the way. Every year we even take thousands of Armed Forces families on breaks so they can spend some much needed quality time together.

We also support older veterans with home adaptations, nursing services and through six dedicated care homes, run just for ex-Service men and women. We’ve been here since 1921 and we’ll be here as long as they need us.

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