Frequently Asked Questions

What is Turkey Dash?

This Christmas, PayPal hosted Turkey Dash – a campaign involving eight CGI animated turkeys, each representing a PayPal Giving Fund charity. These are (in no particular order): Save The Children, Blue Cross, Sue Ryder, RNLI, LGBT Foundation, Mental Health Foundation, Royal British Legion and CLIC Sargent.

The public helped the turkeys train for a race, which was broadcast in a two-minute ad in prime Channel 4 airtime on Friday, 15 December. The more donations a turkey received, the faster it ran, so the turkey with the most donations will came first.

This isn’t about pitting charities against each other – they are all leaders in their own field; it is a light-hearted, very British race – tapping into seasonal generosity in a fun, charitable way.

Why have the eight charities been chosen?

The eight UK charities represent a broad breadth of causes and have been selected with this diversity in mind.

Can I still donate and train my turkey?

Donations are open until the 5th January. Any donations received after 12pm on the Friday 15 December will not affect the outcome of the race, but 100% of the donation amount will go to your selected charity.

How can I donate?

Simply click on the turkey you want to train, select one of three training regimes, enter your donation and either check out via your PayPal account or as a guest using your debit card details.

Why are PayPal hosting the Turkey Dash?

PayPal is working in partnership with the PayPal Giving Fund, which gives charities of all sizes access to customer giving programmes, across PayPal, eBay and more, such as eBay for Charity. Our aim is to make it easy to support your favourite charities as part of everyday life online.

Where do my donations go?

You are donating to PayPal Giving Fund UK, a registered charity (No. 1110538). 100% of the donations will be regranted to your selected charity according to PayPal Giving Fund’s Donation Delivery Policy, between 15 and 45 days from the date of your donation. There are no deductions and no fees. PayPal Giving Fund will provide you with a receipt for your donation.

What is the PayPal Giving Fund?

PayPal Giving Fund is a registered charity (No.1110538) that enables PayPal and its other partners, including eBay, to raise funds for the benefit of UK charities.

I’m a Charity, how do I work with PayPal?

If you are a Charity and are interested in learning more about PayPal, please call us on 0800 587 0461 or visit us here