So you are out looking for that perfect Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey. You know the one that everyone seems to want but you really don’t know how to find it. Well the answer is simple. Just get yourself a turkey. Seriously though, there is little more to buying that meal than that. You just need to decide on the size turkey that you want and go from there.

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This is a common question among we eaters. Refrigerator meat is notorious for going bad quickly, especially if it has gone to sit on the counter for any length of time. When I bought my first refrigerator, I thought I would get every turkey that went bad out of there as fast as I could so that I didn’t have to keep buying new ones! But, after a few years, I noticed that my favorite cut of brisket wasn’t as tasty as it had been the day I got it out of the box.

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Defrosting a turkey is usually the first step in cooking a turkey. However, there are steps that you need to take in order for your turkey to be ready at a certain time. If you have your turkey’s mounted, it is also very important to know how long to defrost a turkey. You must know when your turkey will be done cooking and then remove it from the heat source so it can defrost without problems.

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How to cook a boneless turkey crown is one of the most commonly asked questions on how to feed the neighborhood hamster. It’s certainly not as easy as it sounds, but can be done easily and with minimal effort. Boneless turkey brines are simple and inexpensive to make and can be found in just about any store where dried meats are sold. They are easy to use and will keep your turkey moist and sweet. Here’s how to cook a boneless turkey crown.

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