Use Career Testing and People Assessment for Consistency

Pre-screening employees is in great demand today. Employers want more tools and options to ensure a good match and people assessment that goes beyond the interview process alone. Some traits can be found by using Internet-based companies for testing, evaluation and behavioral profiling in conjunction with a background check. Hiring undesirable candidates costs the company time, resources and money. Resources used in training alone can be very expensive.

Testing may be performed for all types of employment; sales, management, and leadership; as well as analyzing cognitive and mental aptitude. Tests provide an objective observation without falling to a great actor or outstanding interviewer who may not have the skills to perform well in the position.

There are misconceptions surrounding behavioural or a psychometric test – using in-depth psychological profiles to gain information about personality traits and intellectual rank – however, there is proof that certain personality types are more suited for certain positions. For example, successful sales aptitude requires social skills above that of a computer programmer. Psychometric testing involves any or all the following tests: Ability tests disclose skills necessary to become skilled at a new job and cope with pressure; Aptitude tests reveal how a candidate might perform intellectually; Personality tests provide information on social skills that are needed for customer service.

There are other reasons for testing or pre-screening employees. Consider the importance of security, reducing turnover and ramification that incur with terminations. Take measure to ensure and examine the credentials of any company before consideration of using them for testing purposes.

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