Mobile Phone Insurance – A Sound Investment!

The first mobile phone I ever saw looked more like something that had been used in the First World War! This chap was at a car auction and had this massive black box that was about a foot square. It had the old style 1950s telephone handset on top of it. He was frantically trying to relay the events at the auction to some third party. I never found out who that was, or what it was that was so important that such an expensive thing would be required.

A few years later and I successfully got a job in charge of some teams of door canvassers, yes I know, the ones that used to badger you to let them arrange for a representative to give you a double glazing quote! When I went in for my first day on the job, I was presented with this stall statuesque plastic looking tower with a rubber aerial sticking out of the top. It was the first truly mobile phone. You could stand it up and it could be carried about, albeit in very large pockets, or even a holster by some brave souls. One of my favourite party tricks was to order some drinks form the bar when it was too busy to get near the front of the queue. A ploy that got me barred from a number of establishments!

Those handsets were temperamental and had a tendency to fall over because they were top heavy. They also broke into pieces very easily. I just accepted it then and was careful, especially as at the time I did not know anything about mobile phone insurance.

Just recently, I had a call from my mobile phone provider asking whether I wanted to upgrade my phone. Evidently I had reached the end of the stipulated contract period and therefore I could upgrade my phone, albeit at the expense of committing to another contract. They asked which phone I wanted. However, at that time, I was not really that interested in phones, so I asked what was available. They suggested a few types of handset, but frankly, they meant nothing to me, so they suggested that I could maybe go down to their local shop and check out the available handsets there.

Off I went, then, with my eldest daughter in tow. She always likes to advise me on these types of thing. We arrived at the shop and we were presented with a few options, however, my daughter gasped when she saw that I was being offered the latest iPhone. It looked very complicated to me, but there again, all new phone always did! After much brow beating by my daughter I decided to take the plunge and have the iPhone.

When I was told the value of it, I nearly fainted. The thought of walking around with £500 worth of handset worried me. Anyway, the salesman, who looked about 18, tried selling me some mobile phone insurance as an add-on to the contract. Fortunately, one thing I did remember from the past was to check out stand alone policies before committing.

I am glad I did, as I saved almost £4.00 per month on the deal.

So all in all a sound investment proving that an old tune can be played on a new handset, so to speak!

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