Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

I’m just like any average guy you see driving around the streets in an auto or truck or mowing their front lawn in the neighborhood. The one difference that makes me different from your regular Joe Shmoe is perhaps the experience I endured. Hear my tale and take heed!

I had heard about termites and the carnage they can exact on a home, business and property. I brushed away the fears, telling myself that here where the cold weather stays for months on end, no termite is going to bother me. Sure, the risk hazards exist, and so do plenty of homeowner insurance claims on account of it – but I am invincible in this neck of the woods. No liability for me!

Little did I know, but I was not invincible at all. Neither was my home. After I discovered the damages – and, yes, losses – incurred by the creatures known as termites, I came to another rude awakening: The general consensus among insurance companies is practically unanimous – a standard commercial, homeowners, landlord or even renter policy does not cover termite damage! I was left with tens of thousands of repair work on my home as a result of my ignorance and lack of foresight!

A termite is a small-bodied insect that lives together with millions of others. What makes this creature so hazardous is its mouth that can literally bite its way through dense wood. Statistics tell us that in the US, termites inflict many billions of dollars-worth of home damage every year. Termites can infest a home and eat their way through walls, furniture, shelves – even books that line them!

Termite sightings are especially typical in the springtime. If you see a swarm of flying bugs inside of your home, above the earth surrounding your home, mud tubes along the exterior sides of your home or any other place within your home, chances are you have a problem on your hands.

Typical home coverage does not protect from termite damages. Why? Insurance carriers are of the opinion that this type of damage is preventable through proper home care and basic preventive measures, such as leak repairs, elimination of water buildup, and removal of wooden obstructions near the home, as well as thorough property checks that can provide ample warning of infestation before real damage can be done.

In order to ensure proper termite coverage, talk to an experienced independent agency that does direct business with many insurance companies. They will evaluate your true risks and shop their wide network of underwriters to present you with a separate rider so that customized protection can be attached to your current owner-occupied, renter-occupied policy – at a competitively lowest quote.

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